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  Capabilities Description:

We are a full service communications agency offering writing, producing, art directing, planning photography, designing, videography, editing, engineering and consulting.
We offer audiovisual consulting and designing assistance in planning cost effective use and production of audiovisual communication tools.
We have creative and effective custom A/V program design and development services including needs analysis, front-end concept, problem-solving, development resource management and visual storyboarding using all types of visual media.
Our planning services determine project goals and objectives featuring creative and technical team management to establish project initial direction and confirming of business and communication objectives.We are producers and developers of interactive multimedia communications including interactive multimedia services for marketing communications, online creative services and multimedia consulting.
We create, plan and write specifications for audiovisual, multi-image, multi-media productions and presentations in all mediums (broadcast television programming, news coverage, news releases,interactive training, interactive sales programs, trade shows, product demos, web page development, electronic digital brochures, informational Kiosks, custom-designed screen savers, interactive product applications).
We consult on digital and analog distribution of various programs on videotape, audiotape, the internet, CD, diskette, networks and laptop computers.
We have video media producing and directing services including producing video for digital compression, non linear video editing of digitized motion video and audio, CD multimedia applications, online marketing, homepage development and interactive product applications.
Services to broadcasters, advertising agencies, government agencies, AV producers, in-house corporations, healthcare, medical, legal, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, retail, consumer products, home products, agriculture, high-tech and computer industries.

  List of services include but not limited to:

  • Art Direction
  • Broadcast Advertising Consulting
  • Computer Graphics and Digital Imaging
  • Computer 3D Animation
  • Compact Disc-Digital Audio
  • CD-ROM in ISO or Joliet format
  • Corporate and Employee Communications
  • Compact Disc-Digital Audio
  • Crewing and Staffing Services
  • Digital and Analog Effects Processing
  • Digital Photography and Retouching
  • Digital and Analog Video/Audio Production and Post
  • Digital Media: Interactive Multimedia, Web Page development and Consulting
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Displays, Exhibits and Staging of Presentations
  • Event Marketing/Planning, Trade Shows
  • Engineering Multi-Camera and System Design Consulting
  • Education and Computer Based Training Design and Consulting
  • Electronic Graphic Designing
  • Location Scouting
  • Library: Photo, Video and Music/Sound Effects
  • Non Linear Editing, On-Line and Off-Line
  • Marketing and Media Consulting
  • Model & Talent Search
  • Music, Jingles & Voice Talent
  • Package Designing and Consulting
  • Studio and Remote Production Support Services
  • Storyboarding and Set Design
  • Translation and International Conversion Services
  • Video/Audio Repair and Purchase Consulting
  • Visualization and Image Creation
  • Writing & Copywriters
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